Monthly Real Estate Market Reports April 2020

All counties had higher average sales prices in APRIL 2020 than in APRIL 2019 except Cheatham. On a YTD basis, all counties had higher prices than YTD 2019. Montgomery had an increase of 9.0% YTD and was the highest. Maury was the lowest percent of increase YTD at 1.3% while April was at 13.2% better than April 2019. Median Sales Prices remainhigher this year compared to last year-ranging 12.1% to 3.7%.

Unit Sales in April were less this year vs. last year in all counties except Wilson & Montgomery. Davidson was down 27.6% less for April and 3.2% YTD. while Robertson was down by 4.6%. On a YTD basis only Davidson at -3.2% and Maury at -9.3% reported fewer sales than LY.

Available inventory going into May continues to be low-ranging 2.5 months in Maury and 1.4 months in Montgomery. The YTD reporting period shows a slight decrease in DOM in most counties and ranges 45 days in Cheatham and 38 days in Maury.

New Home Sales to Total Homes Sold has little movement and remains consistent to most recent months. There are slightly higher percentages of New Home Sales in about half of the 9 counties reporting. Robertson has the least New Home Sales at 14.6% of the total sales there.

The links to the Counties and Summary Report are at the below.
The Summary Report provides a quick view of all county activity.