Nashville Area Real Estate Market Report – September 2018

Average sales prices in SEPT 2018 in all counties except Sumner remain higher than SEPT of 2017. YTD Sales Prices compared to 2017 also continue to outpace last year, with Maury and Robertson showing the highest percent of increases at 11.7% and 15.8% respectively. All counties except Maury fell below the prior month in Average Sale Price, however all counties YTD had higher median prices YTD 2017.

All but Maury County had fewer Closed Units in SEPT 2018 compared to Sept. 2017. YTD, all counties, except Robertson, reported fewer closed sales compared to YTD Sept 2017.

Months of Supply showed slight improvement in 5 counties moving into October. Williamson shows 3.1 Months of Supply while Rutherford reports the least at 2.0 Months Supply. Calculation does not include Under Contract-Showing.

New Home Sales Percent to Total Homes Sold remained fairly consistent to prior months in most counties. Williamson reports 34.4% and the lowest percent was in Robertson at 12.7%.

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Summary Report